What is Green Girl?


Green Girl came about because I have been dabbling in Greenness and sustainability for some time, but found it challenging because so many of the resources are based in the US or the UK. Things are a little different down here in South Africa, and that combined with my oh-so-tiny budget and gardenless flat poses some difficulties. I decided to create this blog to document my journey into Greenness in the hopes that it might help someone else in the process, and of course to keep myself accountable!

What You Will Find Here

On Green Girl, you’ll find all kinds of things, from green cleaning supplies, to DIY skincare, to eating whole foods, to sustainable alternatives to disposable products. I may occasionally delve into topics that are uncomfortable for some (for example, alternatives to feminine hygiene products), but these are things that are part of normal life and should be comfortably discussed, just like we talk about toilet paper brands.

But more than anything, you will find honesty and transparency. I am not here to market a brand or cater to corporations. I am here to show what I believe to be the best, most natural, most sustainable way of living on a budget and with the limitations I have, and to document my ever increasing Greenness. The transition can be overwhelming and my goal is to show a sustainable shift into sustainability.